Inventory Transfer

Identifying Inventorial Equipment

ScotSurplus Inventory Transfer

Before sending items to ScotSurplus, it's essential that "Inventorial Equipment" be identified, both to update campus inventory records up to date and comply with government regulations, but also to ensure your department is not liable in the future for equipment that has been disposed of.

Inventorial equipment often has a barcoded Property Tag with a nine-digit property number. But even in the tag is missing, items may be considered Inventorial if the acquisition cost was $5,000 or more, has a normal useful life of at least one year, and is not part of some larger item or building. If you think you may have an untagged piece of Inventorial Equipment, please contact Equipment Management at (951) 827-4209. 

Warning: Do not remove property tags from equipment.

Transferring Inventory to ScotSurplus

To mark Inventorial Equipment as "surplus" and to facilitate the transfer to ScotSurplus, please follow the directions in the Asset Management System (AMS) Guide.

Please include all pertinent information about each item (where applicable): 

  • Model number and original price
  • Is this item currently working?
  • If so, is only a portion of the device or the entire device (ie, fans, heating elements, etc.)
  • Any additional information that would need to be listed

Most items under 50 pounds can be picked up for free by the ScotSurplus team. There may be a charge for heavy and/or oversized items. To arrange transport, send an email to with a list of items you want to transfer.

Items may also be dropped off at our warehouse in the Corporation Yard during regular business hours (weekdays, 9:00 am–4:00 pm). However, we request that you notify us before doing so; do not leave unattended items outside the ScotSurplus warehouse.

Thank you for your cooperation.