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Large Format Posters, Signs & Banners

We can print in widths up to 60 inches, and lengths up to 10 feet or more.  You can upload your high-res, print ready pdf, or let us design the perfect sign for your needs.

Lead Time: Please allow 3 business days for us to produce your order.

Pick Up: For your convenience, posters can be picked up at: Print Services, Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Delivery: On-campus delivery is available for an additional fee.

A-Frame Rentals: 24 in. (width) x 18 in. (height).  A-Frames are available for rent.  Pick up at the Highlander Service Station.  See Pricing tab below for more info.


We offer four basic types of wide-format materials:

  1. Satin-Finish Photo Paper. This is our standard material, and what most people end up choosing. Great for framed long-term indoor installations or short-term exterior usage.
  2. Polypropylene Matte Paper. No-glare, matte finish for great visibility.  Best for symposium posters and short-term exterior usage, as it is wrinkle and tear resistant. 
  3. Satin Cloth (Foldable). Best choice when you need to fold a poster, generally when needing to take a poster out of town.
  4. Vinyl Banner. No-glare, matte finish for great visibility. Best for large, outdoor signs or for long-term usage.  We can add grommets to aid in hanging.

Looking for something different? We can also produce metal signs, coroplast signs, retractable banners, vinyl wall banners, window graphics, magnetic signs, floor graphics, sidewalk flags, and more. Contact us for more details.


Pricing will be based on square footage of your final poster or banner, and the material used. Multiple copies of the same poster results in significant price savings. Feel free to contact us to price out your order.

Sample Prices:
Size/Material One Copy Three Copies Five Copies
Satin Finish Photo Paper      
18" x 24" $44.46 $61.38 $78.30
24" x 36" $52.92 $86.76 $120.60
36" x 48" $69.84 $137.52 $205.20
Polypropylene Matte Paper      
18" x 24" $45.18 $63.54 $81.90
24" x 36" $54.36  $91.80 $127.80
36" x 48" $72.72 $146.29 $219.60
Satin Cloth      
24" x 36" $75.60 $136.80 $198.00
36" x 48" $106.20 $228.60 $351.00
Vinyl Banner      
18" x 60" $73.80 $131.40 $189.00
24" x 72" $91.08 $183.24 $275.40
36" x 120" $160.20 $390.60 $621.00

Foam Core Mounting & Laminating:

  • We offer foam core mounting for $25/sheet (up to 24x36) plus the cost of poster print.
  • We offer laminating up to 27" wide at 2.15/LF or $4/page of 12x18.

A-Frame Rentals:

A-Frames for 24 in. (width) x 18 in. (height) posters are available for rent for $10 a week. Order by emailing  Convenient pick-up location at the Highlander Service Center near the bookstore.