Campus Business Services has space available on campus for tabling outside the Highlander Service Station for use by on and off-campus vendors.  For questions or to request a Vendor Contract please contact us.

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Cost Per Day
7:30AM to 6:00PM
Space Available
High Traffic

Vendor FAQ

  • Can I sell food?

    No sale of prepared or packaged food is allowed.

  • What kind of products can I sell?

    Products being sold cannot compete with retail offerings at the UCR Bookstore, UCR Convenience Stores, or UCR Dining Venues.

  • Do I need a business license or sellers permit?

    Vendors must possess and provide a copy of a current business license or sellers permit.

  • Can I campaign on campus?

    The products sold cannot endorse political, social, or religious issues.

  • How large is the area provided?

    Vendors are limited to one 10 x 10 foot area (equal to one standard EZ-up style tent). 

  • Is equipment provided?

    Vendors must provide their own tent, fixtures, and equipment.  Tables and chairs can be provided by UCR with advanced notice.

  • Is WIFI available?

    UCR Guest WIFI and/or cellular data may be used.  An electrical outlet is available, however access to a data port and the internal campus network is not allowed. 

  • How often can I use this service?

    Vendors are limited to a maximum of 10 days (all or portion of) per quarter. Inclement weather days may be excluded.

  • Who approves the vendors?

    UCR Campus Business Services must sponsor and approve vendors (excludes campus clubs and organizations). 

  • Can I decorate with candles or incense?

    All UCR-owned properties and grounds are smoke/tobacco free. Lit candles and incense will be considered part of the non-permitted items.  Vendors, contractors, and visitors are required to comply with this policy or risk being asked to leave.

  • What if I am an on-campus vendor?

    Campus clubs or organizations are encouraged to contact the Highlander Union Building (HUB) scheduling office regarding other campus event opportunities.

  • Can I drive on campus?

    Vendors must follow University regulations when driving on campus. Vehicles are not permitted to drive beyond the Bell Tower under any circumstances. A parking permit (for lot 19) and gate arm pass to access the gate arm at North Campus Drive and Aberdeen Drive can be obtained at the kiosk on West Campus Drive (open Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 6:00pm) at a daily rate of $17.  Parking and driving on any grass area is prohibited.  Vendors should access the vendor area via North Campus Dr. (driving up to area between Skye Hall and the Bookstore buildings and the Highlander Union Building).

  • Is insurance required?

    Yes, details are included in the vendor contract.

  • Can I use speakers?

    Vendors may not use sound amplification.